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Stefan Winter - who’s that?

Well, that’s a really good question. And it’s not at all trivial to give an exhaustive answer over the internet. But it is sure worth a try.

Like most other people as well, I am the son my mother and father. I was born on the 26th of December 1978. When I entered this world, I unfortunately didn’t have a name yet because my parents thought I’d be a girl. And that’s why I got my name: by an incredible coincidence the 26th of December happens to be Saint Stephanus’ saint’s day. I suppose I was lucky that I wasn’t born on some day like Bonifatius or similar :-)

Since I was the last one of three children my life was rather easy. Both my parents and my two sisters took good care of the “late arrival”. The times of kindergarten and elementary school passed by quickly, afterwards high school was on schedule. Despite some blessings of federal regulations (the state I live in doesn’t do an official proposal if pupils are good enough to go to high school, but the high school of choice was in a different state which insisted on such a thing... somewhat of an absurd bureaucratic thingy) I made it through that one as well.

Afterwards, military service was calling for duty. Time for one of the first big decisions in my life. As I didn’t want to lie to the selection office (in other words: I didn’t want to tell them any rubbish about being unable to hold a weapon for moral reasons) it was quickly clear that was going to join the Army. I could do so either for ten months (the mandatory minimum) and approx. 6 € per day (which is really, really lousy) or could do something more productive with my time. I decided for the latter and subscribed for a two-year course to become officer in Army Reserve.

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