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Linux / KDE

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KDE - a graphical desktop environment for Linux

The aim of the KDE project is to produce a graphical user interface that is suitable for an average computer user (or even a former Windows user). The official homepage of KDE can be found here.

My job in the project is the translation of parts of the user interface into the German language. Among others, I translate the packages “kdegames” (games under KDE), “kdegraphics” (graphics and image manipulation) and “kdepim” (personal information management). The statistics of the German translations for the user interface can be found here.

Furthermore, I am actively contributing program code to the project. I have developed a program to control and monitor wireless LAN network connections called “KWiFiManager” in the module “kdenetwork”. The source code of KWiFiManager can be found here in the KDE CVS repository (WebCVS).
Linux Magazine published a three-page
article about KWiFiManager.

Finally, I am currently working on a second program: a tool to log into security-enabled networks for authentication via the IEEE 802.1x standard. It is going to be called KSupplicant and based on the daemon tool xsupplicant, but is far from finished yet.

Linux Kernel Documentation

For the current Linux Kernel Series 2.4.x and 2.6.x I am translator of the “Changes” file with the prerequisites for compiling and using the Linux kernel. The documents can be found here: Kernel 2.4.x, Kernel 2.6.x.